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This be a blog dedicated to thoughts about movies from a certified Real Human Bing! I endeavor to find the answers to movies…but poorly!

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Recent Thoughts

The World is Burning and I can’t stop watching The Holidate

The inexplicable draw of bad things for bad times Likes: Kristen Chenowith gets to be outrageous as the thirstiest aunt ever. The visual gag of Alex Moffat blowing up Thanksgiving decorations with a bike pump is good. That’s about it. Dislikes: Writing, pacing, theme, it’s all horrible. Why does this movie look like it hadContinue reading “The World is Burning and I can’t stop watching The Holidate”

Take the Midnight Train to Infinity

A consistently good cartoon with deep themes delivers another excellent season. Infinity Train (Season Three) Likes: This show consistently tackles issues of trauma and intrinsic damage with thoughtfulness and empathy while still having time for humor. Excellent voice actors and a captivating soundtrack is an added plus. I cried several times watching. Dislikes: I likeContinue reading “Take the Midnight Train to Infinity”

Searching for an Innocent Party

This show has always balanced humor and darkness. Season Three tends toward the latter. Search Party (Season Three) Likes: This season continues to walk the incredibly subtle line between comedy and dark drama. Search Party has a tone unlike any other show. Dislikes: I still can’t tell if the show thinks any character is redeemableContinue reading “Searching for an Innocent Party”

One Small Step For Netflix

Not exactly humorous, the heart Space Force shows is nice. by Jacob Schermerhorn Thinking about Space Force, my mind keeps wandering to larger topics like, when did America lose its collective fascination with the stars? Why did the government cut funding to the final frontier after so much time and effort? Was Trump serious allContinue reading “One Small Step For Netflix”


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